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Wallet Analyzer

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The Wallet Analyzer provides insights on wallet addresses and makes it easy to decipher on-chain transactions between wallets. Sorting through on-chain transactions can be daunting- there can be anywhere between tens to thousands of transactions occurring in a day, and it can be difficult to find meaning in this data. The Wallet Analyzer simplifies this process by aggregating this unstructured data to display key wallet characteristics, wallet portfolio composition, wallet relationships, and wallet trading activity. These features allow you to easily track and analyze smart money and Whale Wallets and discover new investment opportunities.

Accessing the Wallet Analyzer

The Wallet Analyzer feature now has a designated access point under "Smart Money Wizard" on the navigation panel. This allows easy access to the feature, which includes a due diligence tool for searching specific wallet addresses and viewing trending searches, top smart money wallets, and top liquidity pairs.

You can also access the Wallet Analyzer through "Top Smart Money Wallets" on the Discovery page or by clicking on any wallet address within the Token On-Chain Monitoring and Governance & Autonomy modules on the Project Details Page. This will redirect you to an individual Wallet Analyzer page for that specific address.

Wallet Analyzer Features

The labels located above the wallet address provide you with high-level information about the wallet, for example, whether it’s a Token Millionaire of a certain token, which chain(s) it’s found on, and if it’s a Whale wallet, among other characteristics. If you observe any issues with the wallet labels, please reach out to us!

General Information

General Information contains an overview of basic wallet attributes through a 24-hour, 7-day, and 30-day period. You can see the estimated balance of the wallet, the number of total transactions that the wallet engaged in, the total incoming and outgoing volume of those transactions, the number of token types it holds, and the number of wallet addresses related to the one you’re viewing.


Token Portfolio

Token Portfolio displays the composition of a wallet’s portfolio, including the token allocation by individual tokens and by ecosystem, and the portfolio value over various time periods. The Pie Chart visualization allows for easy viewing of a wallet's asset makeup and the Token Portfolio Value line chart illustrates the changes in token portfolio value over time.

You can also click on a Token Name (if the token project is part of the Security Leaderboard) and visit the token’s Project Details Page to learn more about its security, market, governance, and social features.


Wallet Relationship

The Wallet Relationship feature reveals other wallets that have recently engaged in transactions with the wallet you are viewing, and displays the transaction volume, transaction number, direction of these transactions, and when it occurred. The Wallet Relational Graph provides a visual representation of these interactions, making it easier to understand and surface these relationships.

Clicking on any wallet address will redirect you to a blockchain explorer so you can see additional details.


Token Trading Analysis

Token Trading Analysis is a powerful tool for analyzing token transactions. The top left section features a line graph that tracks the number of transactions both received and sent (Transaction Count) and the value of those transactions (Trading Value) over various time periods. The top right section provides a breakdown of transactions by day of the week, allowing users to identify patterns and trends in the wallet’s trading behavior. Meanwhile “Token Trading Distribution” displays the distribution of incoming and outgoing tokens, providing a clear picture of the types of tokens being traded and their relative weight among the transactions.


Recent Token Transfers

Recent Token Transfers shows the latest transaction history for the wallet and displays detailed trade data for each transaction. This data includes the token name, transaction ID, quantity, price (USD), value (USD), counterparty wallet, whether the transaction was sent or received, and when the transaction occurred.


Wallet Analyzer makes it easy for you to track and analyze token holdings and trading behavior of specific wallets, identify Whale Wallets and use the Wallet Analyzer to understand trading patterns and the portfolio composition of other investors. The Wallet Analyzer is an additional due diligence tool that enables you to dive deeper into your on-chain analysis and make more informed trading decisions.