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Social Analysis

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The Social Analysis module gives you an overview of the social sentiment and price sentiment surrounding a token project. What are people saying about a project? Are they bearish or bullish on the price, and do they view the project negatively or favorably? Data is aggregated from social media sources to generate these sentiments, and our module makes it easy for you to draw upon the wisdom of the crowd and understand what the crowd psychology towards a crypto project is.

Twitter Social Reach Data

Twitter Social Reach Data displays key Twitter metrics that give you a quick overview of a project’s presence and reach: 

  • Number of Followers
  • Following
  • Tweets
  • Daily Mentions

This data is refreshed daily to show daily changes in values in addition to total values. See if a project’s Twitter presence and reach are increasing or decreasing over time.

Sentiment Indexes and Cohort Analysis Panel

CertiK uses a proprietary algorithm to develop Price and Social Sentiment Indexes. These indexes measure how a community on social media feels about a project and its price movement and indicates whether market sentiment is negative, neutral, or positive. You can see how these sentiments change over time with the Historical Index graph. 

The Cohort Analysis Panel for social and price sentiment helps you benchmark a project’s sentiment performance by displaying it against comparable projects in various categories that this project belongs to. This panel makes it easy to see other projects’ sentiment indexes relative to the project you’re viewing and for you to discover new projects. Clicking on any project in the Cohort Analysis Panel will direct you to their Project Details Page where you can learn more about the project’s market, security, and community features. 

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Social Keywords and Word Cloud

The Social Keywords Graph shows how keywords relate to one other in online discussions about this project. Keywords with larger circles have more connections to other keywords and are more likely to be prominent in posts and dominate discussions.

The Word Cloud shows the most commonly discussed keywords and their volume of mentions. These features visually represent the most popular, reoccuring keywords when people discuss a project.

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Related News and Latest Tweets

See related news and the latest tweets for a Project directly within the Social Analysis module. Get access to important news updates and tweets all in one spot and never miss a beat on the latest developments for the specific project. 

Related news also displays the latest news for the project category (NFT, DeFi, DEX), and may not necessarily pertain directly to the project you’re viewing. This helps provide insight into what is happening in a broader context. 

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Related Social Influencers

This section lists out Influencers on Twitter that either talk directly about the project you’re viewing, or talk about the categories (DeFi, DEX, NFT, etc.) the project belongs to. Influencers are considered to be influential figures and accounts in the crypto, blockchain, NFT, and Web3 space. Each Influencer is assigned a Tier (1 through 5) based on our proprietary algorithm and scoring, which factors in the Influencer’s community engagement, content quality, and network connectivity. 

Clicking on a Social Influencer card directs you to the Social Influencer Profile page. This page compiles key information about an Influencer or influential account. Data is aggregated from their Twitter profile to generate insights on their social activity, network influence, and the public sentiment surrounding them. 

These accounts are valuable sources of information for the latest news, developments and insights. They are a helpful jump-off point for anyone seeking to learn more about blockchain and crypto but struggling to figure out where to start. Social Influencer Profiles make it easy for you to discover leading voices in this field.

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