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Price Analysis

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The central element of the Price Analysis module is the TradingView chart. CertiK has integrated TradingView into the Price Analysis module so you can assess the price movement of a project alongside other proprietary CertiK metrics, such as On-Chain metrics, Skynet metrics, and Social Reach and Sentiment metrics. 

Our module makes it possible to overlay CertiK metrics of your choosing onto the pricing chart so that you can assess a project based on a combination of market, social, and security analytics that matter to you.

Price Analysis Module Features

The top of the module displays standard trading data, such as the token price, market cap, volume, circulating supply, and the total supply of the project token you’re viewing. 

To the left of the chart, we list the project token’s price in USD, as well as the trading pairs from top Liquidity Pools from decentralized exchanges. Selecting any of these enables you to view the price chart for the token in relation to its selected trading pair. 

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CertiK Metrics

CertiK generates On-Chain, Skynet, Social Reach, and Sentiment metrics that can be selected and added onto the pricing chart. 

  • On-Chain: This includes token holders data, such as the number of unique wallet addresses holding a token and the number of unique wallet addresses that added or removed a token within a given time frame.
  • Skynet: CertiK generates a Security Score for all projects using a proprietary algorithm. The Security Score is calculated based on a project’s Code Security, Fundamental Health, Operational Resilience, Community Trust, Market Stability, and Governance Strength.
  • Social Reach: When available, data is taken from a project’s official Twitter account to generate social reach metrics. See changes in followers and potential spikes in new tweets or new mentions. 
  • Sentiment: Sentiment metrics measure a community’s social and price sentiment toward a project and the cryptocurrency market at large. See how social and price sentiment changes and corresponds with a token’s market movement. 

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Similar Projects Discovery

The “People Also. . .” section lists top held projects and top mentioned projects by the people who hold or mention the token you are currently viewing. This section makes it easy to discover related projects and see what other people are investing in and discussing. Access this information directly within the Price Analysis module and simplify your project discovery process.

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